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What is my PC’s uptime?

You may have mentioned that the latest Windows versions do not really shutdown when you click Shut Down button. While Windows OS is pretty stable platform, can successfully manage resource utilization and do “cleanup” after executing poorly designed applications, it is still a good idea to restart your personal computer time to time. Restart and Shut Down buttons are located next to each other.

Windows lacks Linux-like “uptime” command that would show how long your PC is running since the last reboot. This article describes few ways of checking uptime. If you know other methods please share them by adding comment at the bottom of this page.

Option 1 - For LogMeTT Users

If you are LogMeTT user, or at least have LogMeTT installed and running, you will find uptime in LogMeTT popup that appears in about a second after placing mouse pointer over LogMeTT icon in Windows system tray area.

LogMeTT Uptime

Option 2 - From Command Prompt

You can obtain the information about the most recent boot time of the computer by executing systeminfo command from Command Prompt. To start Command Prompt press WIN+R and then enter cmd.

Systeminfo Uptime

To reduce this printout only to the line of interest execute systeminfo | find "Boot Time"

Option 3 - From Task Manager

In the latest Windows versions the uptime can be found on Performance tab of Windows Task Manager. To open Task manager simultaneously press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys.

Task Manager Uptime

Other Options

There are few other ways to obtain uptime:

  • Several years ago Microsoft released a standalone utility called uptime.exe that still can be used.
  • Last boot time can be found in network statistics printout. Go to Command Prompt and execute net statistics workstation | find "since".
  • From powershell you can run Get-WinEvent -ProviderName eventlog | Where-Object {$_.Id -eq 6005 -or $_.Id -eq 6006}. The timestamp of the top line contains last boot time.
  • Also from powershell using execute wmic os get lastbootuptime