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Welcome to New LogMeTT.com Website

Welcome to new LogMeTT.com! Previous website served us well for over a decade and it was time to put it to rest. This new site is built using modern, up-to date technologies and follows the latest security standards. It took over a year to design and build this site and hopefully our guests and registered visitors will like it and find it useful.

About LogMeTT Project

LogMeTT application and the website with the same name were created in 2004. From the very beginning LogMeTT was and still is one-man-driven-project. Both – application and the website are being developed, maintained, supported and moderated (at his spare time) by Boris Maisuradze – who has over 30 years of expertise in Computer Science and Telecom industries. More information about Boris Maisuradze is available from his LinkedIn profile.

LogMeTT is extension of Tera Term – popular freeware, open-source terminal emulator for Windows. Tera Term has built-in Macro scripting language that allows to automate lots of different routine tasks. LogMeTT greatly benefits Tera Term macro scripting language programmers and users. It helps to create macros and keeps them organized in hierarchical menu available from Windows system tray area. The word "LogMeTT" originates from the phrase "Log Me in Tera Term". To be pronounces as [log-mi-ti-ti] with the accent on the last [ti]. To learn more about LogMeTT application read the article What is LogMeTT. Tera Term development history is described in the artice Tera Term - Terminal Emulator for Windows.

About New Website

Our website is build around Tera Term Support Forums. Boris Maisuradze and Yutaka Hirata – Software Developer from Japan currently leading Tera Term Project started these forums for English speaking Tera Term users in early 2005. Since then thousands of questions have been asked and answered here. Users also suggested many new features that were added to Tera Term and LogMeTT. Everyone has read-access to our Support Forums, however only registered users are allowed to post. This measure blocks spam and advertising bots from posting irrelevant information in our forums. While all posts are strictly moderated, the first 3 postings of each newly registered member have to be approved by Forum Moderators, before they become publicly visible. This allows to blacklist those individuals who register and manually post spam and ads. Please get familiar with our Forum Rules and Regulations before you register since they are more strict than on many other websites.

Contact Us, Frequenlty Asked Questions, Privacy Policy and few other useful links can be found at the bottom of every page of this website.

Supported Browsers

This site was tested and works correctly with the latest versions of the most popular browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, FireFox, Opera and Safari. The website actively uses JavaScript and cookies to improve user's experience. If JavaScript is disabled in your browser, the site will not work. Please read our Privacy Policy to learn how we use cookies.

Visitor's Feedback

We are constantly working to further improve this website. If you experience a problem with the site, or find a page that does not render correctly in one of aforementioned browsers, we encourage you to let us know by sending the description of the issue via Contact Us form.