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Broadcast command drop down list appears empty

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by boris » Fri May 19, 2017 12:30 am

I was using broadcast command today and discovered either a bug, or at least unexpected behavior of dropdown list when Realtime mode is off.

I typed in the command that generates long output that is displayed 1 page at a time. Example of such command in Linux is man grep . To move forward and see the next page you press space on the keyboard. So I broadcasted single space to all open Tera Term windows. It worked, but did 2 unexpected things
- unlike any other command the space was not saved in commands history and was erased from input field right after clicking Submit. I ended up retyping it several times to move forward page by page.
- after submitting space entire history of commands disappeared and turned into long and empty dropdown list (see the image).
Broadcast command.png
Broadcast command.png (49.08 KiB) Viewed 324 times

Then to exit from page by page view I had to enter "q". After broadcasting "q" the entire content of drop down list came back.

Looks like space is being truncated, but in fact I think it should be stored and treated as any other command.
Best regards,

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