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Serial Port Connectivity #2

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by boris » Thu Mar 17, 2016 4:54 pm
Here is another issue partially related to my [url=http://logmett.com/forum-index/8/serial-port-connectivity-2858?p=8823#p8823]previous post[/url].

I just changed default serial port speed from 19200 to 9600 and clicked OK. Tera Term opened serial port connection. I saved configuration in default TERATERM.INI file. Now, while the first Tera Term instance is still running, I need to start a second copy to establish SSH connection to a remote host. Instead of New Connection window, "Cannot open port" error message pops up.

Just to make it clear - both these posts are not about the errors that cause application failure, but about user experience. There are certain things user expects and things that s/he does not. Starting an application and seeing right away an error message is definitely not expected.
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