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Posting Rules reminder

Moderators: boris, doda, Yutaka Hirata, maya

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by boris » Mon Oct 12, 2009 4:58 pm
Attention all users:

Due to the increasing number of posts that do not add value to the discussions, I had to add "Before posting consider this" reminder at the top of the page where users enter their posts. I fully understand that posts like:
Thank you for your advice. I'll test it and come back with the results.
express appreciation for the help received, however they have no value for other readers. Please test the proposed solution and THEN post the results. No problem if it takes you 2 days or even 2 weeks.

The users that do not follow this rule will be warned, as we consider such posts as a spam. The second warning is equal to termination of your subscription. Additionally, your e-mail and/or IP address will be banned.

Please spend few minutes and read our Rules and Regulations. They may be much more strict than on other forums, but help us to keep forums free from anything irrelevant and useless.

Additionally, request to all posters: Please surround your code samples with [code] and [/code] tags that enable syntax highlighting. In many cases just seeing the macro syntax highlighted will help you to find missing quotes or other typos in your macros.
Best regards,

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