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Migrating LogMeTT.com once again

Moderators: boris, doda, Yutaka Hirata, maya

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by boris » Thu Sep 11, 2008 5:13 am
In the middle of May 2008 LogMeTT.com web site was migrated to new web hosting provider which was and still is listed as the best among top 10 web hosting providers in the USA. Unfortunately this move turned into very "painful" experience for us. During last 4 months we had at least 5 major outages each causing the site to be down for several hours. The most recent 2 were yesterday and today. On top of that we were observing periods of very poor performance of the server hosting the site. In some cases dynamic page generation was taking over half a minute, that is absolutely unacceptable.

Today we made the decision to move the site back to the previous place. At least we did not have so many outages there. We will keep monitoring the site and based on the results will either leave it there or move again. Our goals is to have site up and running 24/7 and to make sure its respond time stays reasonable.

As you probably mentioned, current URL of the site changed from http://logmett.com to http://logmett.globeandweb.com This is temporary change; it helps keeping the site reachable for the next 72 hours while the new IP address of the site will be propagated through the Internet. Then the original name will be back, so please do not update your bookmarks. In addition certain cross links can be broken until the site returns to its original URL.

We apologize for inconvenience this could cause you.
Best regards,

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