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Hot-linking content from LogMeTT is not allowed

Moderators: boris, doda, Yutaka Hirata, maya

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by boris » Thu Sep 10, 2015 3:57 am
While analyzing post-migration logs and searching for errors, I discovered the number of websites from different countries that were hot-linking our content.

For those who never heard this term, here is how Wikipedia defines hot-linking:nline linking (also known as hotlinking, leeching, piggy-backing, direct linking, offsite image grabs) is the use of a linked object, often an image, from one site by a web page belonging to a second site. One site is said to have an inline link to the other site where the object is located.

So, basically hot-linking means stealing the bandwidth from somebody else's website by forcing your site's visitors to obtain content from another site.

At the moment all products distributed from LogMeTT.com are free and most images are loyalty free as well, however if you want to present our content on your web site, you must follow the rules described on [url=http://logmett.com/link-to-us]Link To Us[/url] page. The link to this page is present in the bottom navigation bar of our website.

As a protective measure against hot-linking from now on any inline content presented on other websites, which is stored on our web server will be replaced with the following image:
unauthorized.jpg (19.76 KiB) Viewed 599 times

This applies to images and download files as well.
Best regards,

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