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RunLTT is Windows command line utility that can execute Tera Term macros stored in the files created by LogMeTT. RunLTT can be started manually or called from a batch file (.BAT).

RunLTT accepts up to 11 arguments. First 2 arguments are mandatory. These are LogMeTT file name and macro node name. If file extension is omitted, default extension of LogMeTT files (.LTT) will be used. File name can be entered with or without full path. In the latter case make sure Windows can locate the file either in current working directory or via Windows environmental variable PATH. If the file is not found, RunLTT will exit with error. Full path to the node is required for all macros except those that are stored in root level nodes. For such nodes leading backslash is still required. Remaining 9 arguments are optional. They are passed to the macro script and referred in the code as $[1]...$[9]. Arguments containing one or more spaces should be surrounded by double quotas.

Calling Macro attached to the root level node Test from file MyMacros.ltt and passing it IP address and port number as additional arguments.

C:\LogMeTT\>runltt.exe "C:\teraterm\MyMacros.ltt" \Test 22
Using the argument values in the script:
  1. ; Assigning argument with IP address to variable ip_address
  2. ip_address = "$[1]"
  3. ; Assigning argument with port number to variable port
  4. port = "$[2]"
  5. ; Building connection string
  6. sprintf2 conn_str "%s:%s /ssh /2 /auth=password" ip_address port
  7. ; Connecting to remote host
  8. connect conn_str

RunLTT help screen is shown below.

**** RunLTT **** (Version 1.0 Release 4)

Build: 29-Mar-2009
Author: Boris Maisuradze
Purpose: Executes Tera Term Macros from .LTT files created by LogMeTT
Web Site: http://logmett.com

RunLTT[.exe] [path\]file[.ltt] [\parents]\node [par1...par9]

   path        - optional path to .LTT file
   file        - the name of LTT file to be used
   parents     - optional parent node names separated with backslashes
   node        - case sensitive name of the tree node containing macro
   par1...par9 - optional parameters separated by spaces. If defined,
                 they replace key words $[1] ... $[9] appearing in the

   - Command line parameters containing space(s) should be taken into
     double quotes
   - Backslash character is used as separator of parent and child nodes
   - Backslash (\), Single (') and Double quote (") characters in node
     name should be replaced with their hex codes %5C, %27 and %22.
   - Node entered without parents is considered as root level node
   - Unless $ORPHAN$ key word is used, macro is executed in
     "Run Full Branch" mode (see LogMeTT.chm for more details)

   RunLTT DataCntr.ltt "\Data Center 3\Cisco 3500XL"

RunLTT is distributed as freeware without source code. It is part of LogMeTT installation package. Link to download page containing the latest free version of LogMeTT is in Latest Freeware box at the top of this page.