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Point Code Converter

Point Code Converter is freeware Windows application that helps engineers and technicians working with circuit switching networks and telephony equipment. It converts Signaling Point Codes between different formats used in ANSI (SS7) and ITU (C7) standards.

The tool runs from any type of storage media, does not create temporary files, does not modify Windows Registry and does not need Internet connection. It is distributed as single executable file without installer. To remove Point Code Converter from your PC simply delete file PCC.exe

Tools section of our website also contains online version of point code converter.

Point Code Converter

Supported Standards

  • ANSI (SS7)
  • ITU (C7)

Supported Formats

  • ANSI: Decimal, Binary, Octal, Hex, 8-8-8 bits
  • ITU: Decimal, Binary, Octal, Hex, 3-8-3 bits, 7-7 bits, 4-3-4-3 bits, 6-8 bits

Hot Keys:

  • Ctrl-A - select all
  • Ctrl-C - copy to Clipboard
  • Ctrl-V - paste from Clipboard
  • Ctrl-Del - erase all fields

Other Supported Keys:

  • Arrow keys Left, Right, Up, Down
  • Positioning keys Home, End
  • Tab and Shift-Tab
  • Dash or minus key (in segmented fields only)

Conversion is performed in real time while user is typing.
Popup hints show the range of permitted values for every field.

To download the latest version of Point Code Converter please follow this link.