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Older Releases

File Name and Version Release Date Downloads Get It Now
Tera Term 4.68

Added support for the selective erase.

07-Dec-2010 21344
Tera Term 4.67

Added the NextShownWin and PrevShownWin of new shortcut keys in the KEYBOARD.CNF file that display a next or previous window not minimized.

30-Aug-2010 14865
Tera Term 4.66

Added "YMODEM" under the Transfer of File menu.

31-May-2010 10457
Tera Term 4.65

Expanded the maximum number of saved hosts to 500.

20-Feb-2010 9060
Tera Term 4.64

The clickable URL color is able to be painted.

10-Nov-2009 5723
Tera Term 4.63

Added support for cursor control sequences.

05-Jul-2009 3529
Tera Term 4.62

The mouse event tracking can be disabled while a user pushes the Control key.

22-Mar-2009 2878
Tera Term 4.61

Disabled the Plain text and Timestamp flag when the Binary flag is enabled.

16-Dec-2008 1144

RegReloc is free command line utility that allows to copy, move or delete a single key or key hierarchy in Windows Registry.

18-Nov-2008 3484
Point Code Converter 1.3

Changed user interface, removed tabs. ANSI and ITU converters now appear next to each other.

09-Oct-2008 11397
Tera Term 4.60

Added support of CFT (Cursor Forward Tabulation) and CBT (Cursor Backward Tabulation) control sequence.

23-Sep-2008 1003