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Older Releases

File Name and Version Release Date Downloads Get It Now
LogMeTT 2.9.9

Added configurable Hot Key that opens LogMeTT Popup menu without need to click on the tray icon.

14-May-2011 13336
Tera Term 4.69

Added support for configuring the Terminal ID included in the DA3 control sequence reply.

05-Mar-2011 40061
Tera Term 4.68

Added support for the selective erase.

07-Dec-2010 21361
Tera Term 4.67

Added the NextShownWin and PrevShownWin of new shortcut keys in the KEYBOARD.CNF file that display a next or previous window not minimized.

30-Aug-2010 14910
Tera Term 4.66

Added "YMODEM" under the Transfer of File menu.

31-May-2010 10462
Tera Term 4.65

Expanded the maximum number of saved hosts to 500.

20-Feb-2010 9089
Tera Term 4.64

The clickable URL color is able to be painted.

10-Nov-2009 5738
Tera Term 4.63

Added support for cursor control sequences.

05-Jul-2009 3535
Tera Term 4.62

The mouse event tracking can be disabled while a user pushes the Control key.

22-Mar-2009 2888
Tera Term 4.61

Disabled the Plain text and Timestamp flag when the Binary flag is enabled.

16-Dec-2008 1204

RegReloc is free command line utility that allows to copy, move or delete a single key or key hierarchy in Windows Registry.

18-Nov-2008 3498
Point Code Converter 1.3

Changed user interface, removed tabs. ANSI and ITU converters now appear next to each other.

09-Oct-2008 11513
Tera Term 4.60

Added support of CFT (Cursor Forward Tabulation) and CBT (Cursor Backward Tabulation) control sequence.

23-Sep-2008 1006