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Older Releases

File Name and Version Release Date Downloads Get It Now
Tera Term 4.81

Added the uptime Macro command.

28-Feb-2014 4286
TTLEditor 1.5.1

Added "Settings" button to the Application Menu in Office 2010 Style and to the Quick Access toolbar.

15-Dec-2013 10967
Tera Term 4.80

Maximum size of the OSC string can be changed.

30-Nov-2013 39212
Tera Term 4.79

Added support for DECRQM (Request Mode) control sequence.

01-Sep-2013 50732
Tera Term 4.78

Added the Log Rotate configuration on the Additional settings dialog.

31-May-2013 48014
Tera Term 4.77

Added support for the DECFRA (Fill Rectangular Area) control sequence.

28-Feb-2013 46706
Tera Term 4.76

Added support for the SGR 38:2, 48:2(the character and background color changing specified by RGB value). The nearest color with 256 color palette is used.

02-Dec-2012 47103
Tera Term 4.75

A button value is changed from 3 to 35 while the button is not pressed at the Any Event Tracking mode.

31-Aug-2012 52296
Tera Term 4.74

Added the mark parity, space parity and 1.5 stop bit to the serial port setup.

31-Mar-2012 47280
Tera Term 4.73

Added support for reading the Clipboard by using the OSC 52 (access to clipboard) control sequence.

29-Feb-2012 48361
Tera Term 4.72

Added support for OSC 52 (Clipboard access) control string.

04-Dec-2011 41550
Tera Term 4.71

When the OSC string includes a control sequence, the control sequence can be processed.

31-Aug-2011 37596
Tera Term 4.70

DEC special character font can support the bold and the under line attribute.

11-Jun-2011 26096
LogMeTT 2.9.9

Added configurable Hot Key that opens LogMeTT Popup menu without need to click on the tray icon.

14-May-2011 13327
Tera Term 4.69

Added support for configuring the Terminal ID included in the DA3 control sequence reply.

05-Mar-2011 40045