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Older Releases

File Name and Version Release Date Downloads Get It Now
Tera Term 4.94

Added &u parameter to log file name that converts into user name

28-Feb-2017 25953
Tera Term 4.93

Added 48x48 icon to keycode.exe.

30-Nov-2016 26805
Tera Term 4.92

Added configuration for XMODEM, YMODEM and ZMODEM timeout value

31-Aug-2016 36298
Tera Term 4.91

Tera Term waits for port connection when the serial port does not exist.

31-May-2016 40947
Tera Term 4.90

Added configuration for XMODEM, YMODEM and ZMODEM timeout value.

04-Mar-2016 40769
Tera Term 4.89

Parameter check of control sequences was reinforced.

30-Nov-2015 41908
LogMeTT 2.11

Changed the behavior of "New Version Details..." item of LogMeTT Popup menu.

14-Nov-2015 1771
Tera Term 4.88

Added button to open configuration file in Setup directory.

02-Sep-2015 42775
Tera Term 4.87

Added Setup directory under the Setup menu.

31-Mar-2015 39016
LogMeTT 2.10.3

Fixed the bug when absent path to Cygwin in TERATERM.INI file would cause LogMeTT range check error.

09-Mar-2015 6080
Tera Term 4.86

When the Terminal on the Control is called, the color setup with OSC 10/11 will be reset.

28-Feb-2015 41364
Tera Term 4.85

Added support for the pause time while the break signal is sending to the serial port.

01-Dec-2014 34347
Tera Term 4.84

When a file is received by using YMODEM or ZMODEM protocol, the file timestamp is updated.

30-Aug-2014 40246
LogMeTT 2.10.2

Fixed the bug causing LTT file Editor to discard node data under certain conditions.

11-Aug-2014 2941
LogMeTT 2.10.1

Added the option allowing to hide virtual network interfaces from popup menu.

07-Jul-2014 3096