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Navigating New LogMeTT.com Website

This article guides through our new website structure and will hopefully help our visitors to faster find the information they are looking for.

Main Navigation Bar

The main navigation menu is located close to the top of every page and contains 4 items: Products, Resources, Articles and Support. Placing mouse over these items or touching them on touch-screen device opens corresponding drop-down bars.


This section contains subsections: LogMeTT, Free Downloads and Free Legacy Products.

Links in LogMeTT subsection are currently inactive. They will eventually point to 3 new versions on LogMeTT that are still in development phase.

Free Downloads subsection contains links to the pages with the latest versions of Tera Term and LogMeTT. Here you can also find the link to the Older Releases of these and few other free products.

Free Legacy Products subsection contains links to the products that are not being developed any further but remain popular among our visitors. At the bottom of this subsection More Freeware link takes you to the page with the list of free applications recommended by the visitors of our website.


Under Resources section there are links to Tera Term related pages on OSDN.JP and Wikipedia.
Library subsection contains links to the pages that served for years as a quick and handy reference for many our visitors.
Under Tools we offer online Network and Point Code Calculators.


In Articles section we are planning to publish the information that can be interesting and/or benefit our visitors. Article topics will not be limited to the products we offer. Most articles will have Comments section at the bottom where users can post their thought, questions or suggestions about the article. All comments are moderated and have to be approved by website moderator before they become visible.


Support section is the backbone of our website. It is dedicated to free technical support of Tera Term, LogMeTT and few other products. This section contains several Tera Term Project related links to other websites, links to Support Forums and few additional Quick links including Search Forums link.

Support Forums were created in early 2005 and by now contain few thousands question and answers. Tera Term and LogMeTT developers are actively participating in ongoing discussions and answering our visitors' questions.

Posting in Support Forums requires free registration. First 3 posts of every newly registered user have to be approved by moderators before they become publicly visible.

Top Bar

At the very top of each page there is a dark bar that contains Registration and Login links. Once user logs in the top bar is updated and offers additional choices.

My Account link takes to the pages where user can update his profile, manage subscriptions, bookmarks, drafts, notifications and change few other settings.

Bottom Bar

At the bottom of every page there is another navigation bar that contains links to About, Frequently asked Questions (F.A.Q.), Freeware License Agreement, Privacy Policy, Forum Rules and Contact Us pages.


Modules are the "boxes" that appear in the right part on many pages of this website. Modules usually contain dynamically updated information. Many modules also contain links to other pages of this website.