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Support Forum Support

Support section is the backbone of this web site. It is based on phpBB Board and is the place where Tera Term and LogMeTT users can share their experience with the developers of these applications.

Boris Maisuradze and Yutaka Hirata started these forums in January 2005 and since then forums are becoming more and more popular even without any special efforts to advertise them.

Lots of questions have been asked and answered here during these years. Lots of new user-suggested features were implemented by developers.

If you are frequent visitor of this web site, we encourage you to register. Registration is free. It will allow you to post your questions and participate in ongoing discussions. Registered and logged in users can see new unread topics with highlighted color. Please become familiar with the Rules and Regulations before registering. In addition, please check our Privacy Policy to learn more about the measures we've taken to protect your privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions page will answer few other questions you may have about this web site and Support Forums.

Please consider that Tera Term and LogMeTT are developed by the group of enthusiasts spending their personal free time to drive these projects, thus there cannot not be any ETA for adding new features or fixing the bugs. Developers will do the best they can, however working on these freeware applications is not their number one priority.

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