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LogMeTT is the application that works together with popular freeware terminal emulator Tera Term. LogMeTT helps to create, keep organized and easily accessible connection scripts written on Tera Term Macro language. Those who frequently log into the same servers using telnet, SSH1/SSH2 or modem connections will find LogMeTT as the very useful tool saving them lots of time.

Configuration Utility. Tera Term Macro editor.

LogMeTT keeps Tera Term macro scripts in a hierarchical tree structure that at certain degree can be considered as graphical representation of network topology. Every script has corresponding item in LogMeTT Popup menu that appears from the icon in Windows system tray. Thus each predefined connection scenario is always just 2 clicks away from the user. Hierarchical type of script organization allows to reuse "parent" scripts while connecting to the "child" nodes and saves additional time while creating and keeping updated Tera Term macros. Any connection or entire tree of connections can be saved in a binary file and distributed among the group of people that need access to the same remote nodes.

LogMeTT has built in Tera Term Macro language command highlighter and context sensitive Macro language help that assists in creating new scripts and improves their readability. It also provides several typical connection templates that can be studied and used as the examples while writing Tera Term macros.

Popup Menu

LogMeTT allows to associate specific color schema to each connection that reduces the chance of human error while working with multiple Tera Term windows on the same desktop.

With LogMeTT user can select group of connection macros and execute them together. Multiple Tera Term windows will open and automatically tile on the desktop. This feature was introduced as additional time saver when using Tera Term's Broadcast command mode.

LogMeTT allows to run the scripts based on predefined schedules that can automate lots of routine tasks like periodic data collection from remote sites, performing configuration backups etc.

LogMeTT extends Tera Term Macro language with the set of keywords that can contain user and connection specific variables.

Main Features

  • Runs on all 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows Operating Systems starting Windows 98 and up
  • Runs with Tera Term versions 4.xx and up
  • Can store unlimited* number of macros in the Connection Tree
  • Supports unlimited* number of sub-node levels in the Connection Tree
  • Supports Cut, Copy, Paste, Move Up, Move Down, Duplicate, Import, Export operations on Connection Tree nodes
  • Contains Tera Term Macro editor with configurable syntax highlighter, syntax proposal and contextual help features
  • Supports macro script Printing with hightlighted syntax in black&white and color modes
  • Contains the set of Macro Templates that covers most comonly used connection scenarios
  • Keeps Macro Templates in the external plain text file allowing users to build their own Template Libraries
  • Supports optional Popup feature to warn user with configurable message prior runing each Macro; user then can Resume or Cancel Macro script execution
  • Supports individual color schema for each macro
  • Supports macro startup scheduler similar to cron job in Unix/Linux based platforms
  • Allows to execute one particular macro script or the chain of scripts belonging to the same branch of Connection Tree
  • Allows to execute entire macro script or part of it from the beginning to current cursor position; this helps during script development and testing
  • Allows to select and execute together several macro scripts belonging to different nodes of Connection Tree; then optionally tiles all opened Tera Term windows on the desktop for further use of Tera Term's Broadcast command
  • Supports Connection Tree branch or individual macro import/export operations
  • Extends Tera Term Macro language with the set of configurable Key Words that can be user, connection or OS specific
  • Allows to Release and Renew DHCP assigned IP address or addresses in two mouse clicks via items in System Tray Popup menu
  • Displays configuration settings of each installed and enabled network adapter
  • Comes with command line macro starter RunLTT
  • When not in use, can run as background process occupying just about 400K of memory
  • Is FREEWARE application distributed without the source code


The latest version of LogMeTT is available for downloading from the Download section of this web site. LogMeTT is also part of Tera Term installation package.