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Point Code Converter Icon Download Point Code Converter 1.3

Download Point Code Converter version 1.3 was released on October 9th 2008. The list of changes follows.

The same version of the Converter, but digitally signed was released on December 15, 2013.

To download Point Code Converter you have to accept Freeware Software License Agreement and then click on Download icon.

Point Code Converter is distributed as single executable file that does not require installation.

Unix shell script version of Point Code Converter is also available from the following link.

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New Features in version 1.3

  • Changed user interface, removed tabs. ANSI and ITU converters now appear next to each other.
  • To improve user experience added the function that positions cursor to the beginning of the next field after filling up current field. This applies to segmented fields only.
  • Backspace key, after clearing current field, moves cursor to the end of the previous field. This applies to segmented fields only.
  • Added support of "-" dash key in segmented fields.
  • Added popup menu that appears on right-click on any of the fields. It contains Copy, Paste, Select All and Clear functions
  • Replaced application icon. Added support of Vista Extra Large icons (256x256).
Bug Fixes in version 1.3
  • Changed default start-up position of the application that was split in 2 halves on dual monitor systems.