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Tera Term 4.8737860
LogMeTT 2.10.33862
Wizard 1.15956
TTLEditor 1.5.16938
PCC 1.39664
RegReloc 1.0.13258
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Download section of this site contains several pages where one can find download links to the latest versions of Tera Term, LogMeTT and few other freeware applications. The same pages contain the list of the changes introduced in the latest releases.

This site does not distribute the source code of the applications, however it provides the links to other web sites where the sources can be found.

Installation packages of certain applications can contain other programs. For example Tera Term installation package includes TTSSH, LogMeTT, TTLEditor, RunLLT and few other tools. LogMeTT installation package contains RunLTT. Check the download pages for more details.

The following links will take you to the download pages of each Product:
Web Hosting Recommended Tool Tera Term and LogMeTT are projects of few people who want to share their knowledge and invest their time to keep Tera Term in the web. With that, Web Hosting Search awarded them the Best Web Tool because they believe that this site helps those in the field of technology.