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Wizard Icon Download Macro Wizard 1.1

Macro Wizard version 1.1 was released on August 7th 2011.

The same version of the Wizard but digitally signed was released on December 15, 2013.

To download Macro Wizard you have to accept Freeware Software License Agreement and then click on Download icon.

I have read and accept the terms and conditions of Freeware Software License Agreement   
Please accept Freeware Software License Agreement to activate this download link

This version of Macro Wizard is included in intallation package of LogMeTT 2.10.1 available from here.

Thanks for your interest in Macro Wizard. You can show your appreciation and support future development by donating!

Features of version 1.1

  • This is the very 1st release of Tera Term Macro Wizard for LogMeTT.
  • The output Macro script is created in LogMeTT file and can be called from LogMeTT Popup window.
  • Wizard creates Macro scripts for Telnet, SSH1/SSH2 and Serial port connections. Depending on user's input the tool can generate up to 36 different scripts.

Please report the bugs (if found) to LogMeTT Bugs Support Forums on this site.