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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you elaborate a little bit on the Tera Term available from this site? The last version I was aware of is 2.3 from a long time ago.

2. TeraTerm 'File' menu contains the item LogMeTT; this web site is also called LogMeTT. What is LogMeTT ?

3. After installing Tera Term and restarting Windows I got Tera Term icon sitting in Windows system tray. Does it belong to LogMeTT?

4. I am not using Tera Term Macros and LogMeTT. Can I remove LogMeTT from my hard drive?

5. What level of support is provided on your forums? If I got the problem or urgent question and post it here, how fast should I expect to get the response?

6. How often new versions of Tera Term and LogMeTT are being released? If I found a bug or propose new feature, when should I expect it to be fixed or implemented?

7. I 'm not able to post my question on your forums. Why?

8. Should I register if I do not post anything on your forums?

9. If I will register in your forums and leave my e-mail, it can be then collected by e-mail harvesters and as the result my mailbox will be full of spam. I am not registering to avoid this.