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About LogMeTT

LogMeTT.com web site was created for the people working in computer science, networking, hardware design, telecommunications and few other related fields. The site contains the latest versions of several applications that many of aforementioned professionals are using on the daily basis. These applications are Tera Term, LogMeTT, TTLEditor and few other.

The backbone of the site is Support Forum/Board where the developers of the applications directly interact with end users. Such interaction benefits both parties - developers provide users with technical support, while users share their experience, propose new features and report bugs.

LogMeTT.com is non-commercial project that helps distributing free software. It is driven by the group of enthusiasts that invest their own free time and money to keep it running. Thus, monetary donations gladly accepted!

To find more about each of the applications available from LogMeTT.com please visit our Products section.

While read access to Support Forum is free for all visitors, registration is still required to be able to post. We are strictly moderating our forums to keep them clean from non relevant posts, spam and advertising. Users that publish such information can be banned or even blacklisted without prior notice. Please get familiar with our Rules and Regulations before you register and start posting.