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Tera Term 4.95

Changes in Tera Term version 4.95

  • Added new scrolling feature for maximized window
    • Changed default action for the new method. For the action to behave like in Tera Term 4.94, please set MaximizedBugTweak to 1.
    • Changed MaximizedBugTweak value from on/off to 0/1/2 combination. The "off" is treated as 0, and the "on" is treated as 2.
  • Changed default directory path for receiving a file (Vista or later:Downloads, XP or earlier:My Documents)
  • Renamed command line from /NAMEDPIPE to /PIPE option
  • When /PIPE option is used as command line, the host name is complemented by these rules:
    • If the host name begins with a '\', the name is not changed
    • If the host name does not include a '\', the '\\.\pipe\' is added at the beginning
    • If the host name includes a '\' anywhere but first, before that is treated as server name and after that is treated as pipe name

Bug Fixes in Tera Term version 4.95

  • The port number cannot specify 65535 by the command line option.
  • When the New connection selects Serial menu, a part of TCP/IP menu is not disabled

Other changes in Tera Term version 4.95

  • The installer no longer support Windows 95, 98, Me and NT 4.0. Please dowload zip archive version for these Windows versions.

Related Product Upgrades

  • Upgraded TTSSH to 2.81
  • Upgraded Oniguruma to 6.2.0

Changes in TTSSH version 2.81

  • Added support for changing the user password when using the password authentication
  • Added support for executing the specified subsystem instead of the shell on connection
    • added the /ssh-subsystem option at the command line
  • Added the notification feature when remote host uses forwarded agent. (Windows Me or 2000 or later)
  • Upgraded PuTTY to 0.69

Bug fixes in TTSSH version 2.81

  • When agent forwarding is enabled, an application fault is occurred after the remote host sends big packet request