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Tera Term 4.94

Changes in Tera Term version 4.94

  • Added &u parameter to log file name that converts into user name
  • Added new line normalization on pasting. The default is off.
    • This feature can be enabled on Copy and Paste tab of Additional settings dialog.
  • Added the setflowctrl macro command.

Bug Fixes in Tera Term version 4.94

  • When Restore setup is called, the AlphaBlend could not restore immediately.
  • After using Paste (CR) the end of data had invalid character.
  • When Kanji(receive) is set to UTF-8, garbled characters were shown after receiving invalid characters.

Related Product Upgrades

  • Upgraded TTSSH to 2.80
  • Upgraded TTXttyrec Plug-in to 1.03
  • Upgraded Oniguruma to 6.1.3
  • Upgraded SFMT to 1.5
  • Changed starting method of LogMeTT and TTLEditor installer

Changes in TTSSH version 2.80

  • After failure of SCP receive a local file will be removed
  • Upgraded OpenSSL to 1.0.2k
  • Upgraded zlib to 1.2.11

Changes in TTXttyrec 1.03

  • Added [Replay again] entry under [File] menu that can replay again after one relaying