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Tera Term 4.91

Changes in Tera Term version 4.91

  • Tera Term waits for port connection when the serial port does not exist.
    • Added the /WAITCOM command line option.
    • Added the WaitCom entry in the teraterm.ini file. The default value is off.
  • Added the LF entry in the New-line(transmit).
  • When ZmodemAuto=on is enabled and ZRINIT packet is received, the file selection dialog of ZMODEM sending is opened.
  • Updated to new Tera Term icon file(teraterm.ico, vt.ico) and macro icon file(ttmacro.ico). Special thanks to Tatsu Sakamoto.

Bug Fixes in Tera Term version 4.91

  • The background color erase(BCE) does not work with DECFI, DECBI control sequence.
  • When AutoComPortReconnect=on is enabled, Tera Term can not recognize a part of device regarding USB serial port connection and disconnection.
  • When Log Rotate is enabled and an existing file is logged, first file can not be rotated by specified size.
  • MACRO: When if has macro command without parameter, syntax error occurs.

Related Product Upgrades

  • Upgraded TTSSH to 2.77

Changes in TTSSH version 2.77

  • Updated to new TTSSH icon file(ttsecure.ico). Special thanks to Tatsu Sakamoto.

Bug Fixes in TTSSH version 2.77

  • The key length of blowfish-ctr symmetric key cipher is changed to 256 bits in accordance with RFC 4344.
  • When all key exchange method are enabled, the latest method can not be used.
  • When the X11 forwarding starts, the connection error will be occurred with error code(WSANO_RECOVERY: 11003).

Other Changes in TTSSH version 2.77

  • upgraded OpenSSL to 1.0.2h
  • upgraded PuTTY to 0.67