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Tera Term 4.80

New Features in Tera Term version 4.80

  • Maximum size of the OSC string can be changed.
    • Added the !MaxOSCBufferSize entry in the teraterm.ini file. The default value is 4096.
  • Added the "Include screen buffer" option in the Log dialog box.
    • Added the LogIncludeScreenBuffer entry in the teraterm.ini file.
    • Added the "Include screen buffer" option at the "logopen" macro command.
  • Added the /ES command line option. It enables the "New connection" dialog.
  • When the URL string is divided at the end of the line, new setting can enable to concatenate the whole string.
    • Added the JoinSplitURL and JoinSplitURLIgnoreEOLChar entries in the teraterm.ini file.
  • Macro
    • Added the TTL filename to the Error and Execution dialog.
    • Added saving and restoring timezone when gettime and getdate commands are executed.

Bug Fixes in Tera Term version 4.80

  • When the terminal size is changed, the left and right margin mode (DECLRMM) does not cleared.
  • The VPR/VPB/HPR/HPB control sequences are affected by the scroll margin.
  • A cursor will be moved to upper screen over by using the CUU/VPB control sequences.
  • The VPB control sequence will be released with a part of mode.
  • he DECFI/DECBI control sequence ignores the scroll margin.
  • The DECBI control sequence mistakes for saving the cursor position.
  • The DECFI control sequence mistakes for changing the application keypad mode.
  • When the log file is opened, the "Hide dialog" function does not work well.
  • When the tool chip is minus position on resizing, the tool chip is shown on the primary monitor with the multi monitor environment.
  • Tera Term(ttermpro.exe) could not run on Windows 95/NT4.0.

Other Changes in Tera Term version 4.80

  • Upgraded TTSSH to 2.67
  • Upgraded TTXRecurringCommand Plugin to 1.03
  • Added support for Microsoft Windows 8.1.
  • Upgraded Oniguruma to 5.9.5.
  • Added the Simplified Chinese.lng language file. Special thanks to LiShaohui.

Bug Fixes in TTSSH 2.67

  • When SSH2 port-forwarding is repeatedly executed, new port-forwarding did not work well.