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Tera Term 4.70

New Features in Tera Term version 4.70

  • DEC special character font can support the bold and the under line attribute.
  • Added support for the NetTerm style mouse event tracking.
  • Added support for ignore the printing control sequence.
    • Added the PrinterCtrlSequence entry in the teraterm.ini file. The default value is off.
  • The Meta Key can be only assigned to the left ALT or the right ALT key.
  • By using the broadcast command in the real time mode, the Submit button has the only function of acting as key.
  • The /k option is inherited by using the Duplicate Session.
  • Added the elapsed time and the transfer speed on the file sending dialog.
  • Added support for Windows7 jump list.
  • Resurrected the special argument of the box-style macro command. However, this option is obsolete. The default is 0 because of backward compatibility.

Bug Fixes in Tera Term version 4.70

  • When the mouse cursor position is later 224 line on xterm-style mouse event notification, Tera Term would report the invalid reporting.
  • When the 10000 over mode is specified on the DECSET/DECRST control sequence, Tera Term would not be able to ignore.
  • The invalid result may be responded for the window position reporting.
  • YMODEM: When a file is sent, the block1 can be sent not waiting the ACK from the YMODEM server.
  • When a last one byte of a string is removed by using the strremove macro command, the BOF will be occurred.

Other Changes in Tera Term version 4.70

  • Modified Tera Term installer script
    • Bug fix: When the CygTerm Here is added in the context menu, the CygTerm Here does not work well with the folder name containing continuing spaces.
  • Upgraded TTSSH version supporting SSH2 to 2.57
  • Upgraded TeraTerm Menu to 1.10
  • Upgraded CygTerm+ to 1.07_23
  • Upgraded cyglaunch to 1.03
  • Upgraded LogMeTT to 2.9.9

New Features in TTSSH version 2.57

  • When the ECDSA key is selected on the SSH key generator dialog, the input box of the key bits is disabled.
  • Some kind of the KEX, host key, MAC and compression algorithm order can be specified in the teraterm.ini file. These entries can be selected on the setup dialog.
    • KexOrder=56743210
    • HostKeyOrder=456230
    • MacOrder=120
    • CompOrder=3210
  • Added support for SSH2 MAC algorithms: hmac-sha1-96, hmac-md5-96, hmac-ripemd160@openssh.com
  • Added the elapsed time and the transmit speed on the SCP dialog.
  • Disabled the SSH SCP menu by not using the SSH connection.

Bug Fixes in TTSSH version 2.57

  • Tera Term can not connect to the OpenSSH 5.7 later server by using SSH1 protocol.
  • SSH_MSG_CHANNEL_EXTENDED_DATA(SSH2) packet can not be worked well.
  • When SSH2 channel does not be opened, the application fault will be occurred.
  • When SCP is multiply executed, the procedure will not be worked well.
  • When a file is sending by using SCP and with the packet compression, the application fault will be occurred.

Bug Fixes in TeraTerm Menu version 1.10

  • Icon resource does not be released.

Bug Fixes in CygTerm+ version v1.07_23

  • Added the error message when the CygTerm can not move the directory specified by -d option.

Bug Fixes in cyglaunch version v1.03

  • The CygTerm Here does not work well for the root directory.
  • The CygTerm Here does not work well for the UNC path.