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Tera Term 4.68

New Features in Tera Term version 4.68

  • Added support for the selective erase.
    • Added support for the DECSCA (Select character protection attribute), DECSED (Selective Erase in Display), DECSEL (Selective Erase in Line) and DECSERA (Selective Erase Rectangular Area) control sequence.
  • Added support for the DECERA (Erase Rectangular Area) control sequence.
  • Added support for the DA3 (Tertiary Device Attribute) control sequence.
  • Added support for the VT420, VT520 and VT525 on the terminal ID settings.
  • The DECSCL(terminal mode setting) control sequence can support the VT level 5(vt500 series).
  • A single character to indicate the window status can be shown on the "Window" menu and "Windows list" dialog. See below.
    • + Normal window
    • - Minimized window
    • @ Maximized window
    • # Hidden window
  • Extended the maximum number of Tera Term window from 50 to 256.
  • Extended the maximum number of Tera Term plugins from 16 to 32.
  • Added an argument of the "beep" macro command.
  • The WSAAsyncGetAddrInfo function can be hooked by using plugin.
  • The freeaddrinfo function can be hooked by using plugin.

Bug Fixes in Tera Term version 4.68

  • Security fix: A class of vulnerabilities affecting applications that load DLL's in an insecure manner.
  • The baud rate can not be properly selected on the Setup-port dialog.
  • Beep setting does not work.
  • The scroll region can not be cleared by using the DECALN (DEC Screen Alignment Test) control sequence.
  • An empty string can not reply by using the window title and icon label reporting request.
  • The rectangle erasing, color changing and line drawing can not work well in the IO-8256 terminal.

Other Changes in Tera Term version 4.68

  • Upgraded TTSSH version supporting SSH2 to 2.55
  • Upgraded TTProxy to
  • Upgraded CygTerm+ to 1.07_19
  • Upgraded cyglaunch to 1.02

New Features in TTSSH version 2.55

  • Added support for sending a BREAK signal to the remote host on Control menu - Send break(only useful for SSH2). Also, the sendbreak macro can support it.
  • Added support for changing the user password by using the keyboard-interactive method.
  • Added command line options for control compression /ssh-C,/ssh-C=,/ssh-c.

Bug Fixes in TTSSH version 2.55

  • An application fault may occur when the remote system does not return the SSH2 authentication method.

Other Changes in TTSSH version 2.55

  • Upgraded OpenSSL to 1.0.0b

Bug Fixes in TTProxy version

  • When the port number is specified by the five-figure numeric, the application fault would occur.

Bug Fixes in CygTerm+ version v1.07_20

  • Security fix: A directory move timing delays by using -d option.

Bug Fixes in cyglaunch version v1.02

  • Security fix: The current directory changes to the cyglaunch.exe existing directory, and launches the cygterm.exe program.