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Tera Term 4.61

New Features in Tera Term version 4.61

  • Disabled the Plain text and Timestamp flag when the Binary flag is enabled.
  • Added the display method of Accept Window Title Change Request. The title can insert before or after the canonical title.
  • Moved the "Delimiter Characters" configuration from "General" tab to "Copy and Paste" tab on the "Additional settings" dialog.
  • Added the /DS command line option. It disables the "New connection" dialog.
  • Preserved the comment and the position of the entry in teraterm.ini file when a user saved the Tera Term configuration.
  • Added support for replace the command of UK character set with the US-ASCII. This is the workaround that the lower-case alphabet can not properly display after showing DEC special character.
  • Added 'gethostname' macro command.

Bug Fixes in Tera Term version 4.61

  • The following problems about the character attribute. These bugs were introduced in 4.58.
  • The high brightness, the under line, the blinking and the reverse attribute apples in the erase area.
  • On the Edit menu and then point to clear screen and clear buffer, the terminal screen is cleared with the current background color.
  • The display after clearing the screen could not synchronize with the buffer by using ED(Erase in Display) and EL(Erase in Line).
  • The character attribute uses by using DECALN(DEC Screen Alignment Test).
  • The macro label can be specified the characters other than alphabet and numeric ones.
  • Using the filestrseek2 macro command, a file pointer is minus value if the matched string locates at one byte in the file.
  • Using the logopen macro command, when the specified filename does not include \ character, the log file is saved at the root directory.
  • Using the gettitle macro command, TeraTerm could not get an entire string when the window title is longer than 31 bytes.
  • strmatch macro command does not work.

Other changes in Tera Term version 4.61

  • Modified Tera Term installer script
  • Added ssh:// associated with the ttermpro.exe.
  • Added some plugins in the Additional Plugins.
  • Moved the TTXKanjiMenu plugin to the Additional Plugins.
  • Added the cygterm+ source code in TeraTerm package.
  • Upgraded TTSSH version supporting SSH2 to 2.49.
  • Upgraded CygTerm+ to 1.07_16.
  • Includes TTSSH version 2.49.

New Features in TTSSH version 2.49

  • Added AES128-CTR, AES192-CTR, AES256-CTR, Arcfour, Arcfour128, Arcfour256 and CAST128-CBC symmetric key cipher algorithm for SSH2 protocol. Security fix: CPNI-957037.
  • Added "", "?"@", "A" and "B" to CipherOrder entry in teraterm.ini file.
  • Added support for agent forwarding.
  • Added the check box on SSH Setup dialog.
  • Added the check box on SSH Authentication dialog.
  • Added //ssh-A and /ssh-a command line option.

Bug Fixes in TTSSH version 2.49

  • The general protection fault would occur on SSH1 connection. Enbuged at 2.48.
  • When the CheckAuthListFirst is enabled on SSH2 connection, TeraTerm disconnects after pushing the OK button of the dialog before the valid authentication method receives.
  • X11 forwarding does not work when DISPLAY environment variable configures.
  • History checkbox has not been enable or disabled on a new connection.
  • A file with the SCP protocol could not send the remote host when the file name includes the space character.