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Point Code Converter 1.3

New Features in version 1.3

  • Changed user interface, removed tabs. ANSI and ITU converters now appear next to each other.
  • To improve user experience added the function that positions cursor to the beginning of the next field after filling up current field. This applies to segmented fields only.
  • Backspace key, after clearing current field, moves cursor to the end of the previous field. This applies to segmented fields only.
  • Added support of "-" dash key in segmented fields.
  • Added popup menu that appears on right-click on any of the fields. It contains Copy, Paste, Select All and Clear functions
  • Replaced application icon. Added support of Vista Extra Large icons (256x256).

Bug Fixes in version 1.3

  • Changed default start-up position of the application that was split in 2 halves on dual monitor systems.