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LogMeTT 2.9.9

Version 2.9.9 Release Notes

  • Default installation directory for this version depends on user access rights. Suggested locations are: C:\Program Files\LogMeTT for Power-users and Administrators or User Profile’s home directory for regular users.
  • When upgrading from version 2.9.5 use Help->Upgrade License menu of Configuration utility to upgrade user profile based LogMeTT license to machine-wide license. This is one time change that cannot be undone.
  • If TeraTerm home directory differs from the default, path to TeraTerm has to be manually configured on Updates->TeraTerm page of Settings window. Without correct path to TeraTerm LogMeTT will not be able to execute macros and will not provide access to TeraTerm help file.
  • Under Windows 7 LogMeTT icon in notification area may become invisible. This applies to any tray application running under Windows 7. Customize Windows Notification area and set LogMeTT icon behaviors to "Show icon and notifications", if needed. You can also access LogMeTT Popup menu while the icon is hidden by pressing the Hot Key configurable from General->Tray Application page of Settings window.
  • Under different Windows versions, when the Windows startup process takes too long, LogMeTT icon, if "Start at log on" option is selected, may not appear. This is caused by known Windows bug described in the Appendix A of LogMeTT help file LogMeTT.chm. Use Startup delay parameter to address this issue. It is located on General->Tray Application page of Settings window.
  • Before upgrade backup all your .LTT files and close LogMeTT Configuration utility and Tray application.

New features in version 2.9.9

  • Added configurable Hot Key that opens LogMeTT Popup menu without need to click on the tray icon. Hot Key brings up Popup menu even when LogMeTT icon is hidden. The Hot Key can be selected and assigned from "Tray application" page of Settings window.
  • Reduced executable file sizes by compressing them using UPX utility.

Bugs fixed in version 2.9.9

  • Fixed the bug in "Auto select last macro executed from Popup menu" function. Wrong node would be selected under certain conditions.
  • Fixed the bug when LogMeTT hint window (showing computer name, IP addresses and uptime) would not appear after changing screen resolution, adding or removing the secondary monitor or undocking the laptop.
  • Fixed the problem with LogMeTT installer that would hang on certain platforms during the installation.