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Changing Microsoft Office 365 Colors

I decided to widen the range of the topics discussed on our website from only Tera Term related to anything that can help Tera Term users in their daily work. Blog type format of the articles will allow readers to leave their comments and/or suggestions. So let’s get started.

How to Change Microsoft Office 365 Colors

If you ever worked with MS Office 365 you should know that by default it is “too white”.

Office 365 White Theme

Many users complain about this. Here are just 2 quotes:

Don Wilcox wrote: I am in my second day of my trial subscription to Office 365. I am trying to fix the color scheme of Outlook because it looks terrible, is difficult to read and is very hard on the eyes. Nothing but bright white everywhere. I am used to Office 2007. How do I get the Office 365 apps to look like my Office 2007 apps? I have looked at every settings, options and view tab and button and could not find any way to fix this problem.
StefanWeckx wrote: Your color scheme is in breach with ergonomic standards (screen visibility) in several countries throughout Europe. Our medical director has advised the board not to shift to office2013. We have a +80 000 user license with MS Office 2010. In the Dutch press articles start to surface advising to skip office 2013 as it is (screenwise) an ergonomic nightmare.

While you cannot change MS Office 365 color theme to more contrast - Blue, Silver or Black like in previous Office versions, in addition to White there are still 2 other choices – Light Gray and Dark Gray. I personally prefer Dark Gray. The steps below describe how to change color theme in MS Outlook. For other Office applications the steps will be similar. Good news is - you only need to change the theme once. The change done in any Office application will apply to all of them.

Step 1

Click on File menu and then click Options.

Office 365 Changing Color Theme

Step 2

In Options window click on General and then change Office Theme setting to Dark Gray.

Office 365 Changing Color Theme

Step 3

Finally click OK button.

Here is the result:

Office 365 Changing Color Theme